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Due to the development of society, aluminum alloy doors and windows are becoming more and more popular. Because of its strong, corrosion-resistant, beautiful and fashionable, energy-saving and other excellent performance, it has become the mainstream choice of owners. So if it is self built or second-hand house renovation, how to choose and install windows and doors, and what kind of aluminum alloy doors and windows should be installed? Let me introduce it to you

1. When decorating second-hand houses or renovating old houses, the first thing is to replace doors and windows with high-quality and low-cost ones. At the same time, consider the sealing and safety of doors and windows, and don't be deceived by the so-called low price and hidden consumption

2. When purchasing building materials, you must go to regular building materials malls and stores to buy them, because some doors and windows look good, but in fact, the quality is really not good, and they are more likely to be fake or fake, so you must be careful when purchasing

3. When checking door and window accessories, check whether they are made of real materials and operate smoothly by knocking, observing color, observing quality, etc

4. If you install doors and windows with sealing strips, you need to ask workers to replace the sealing strips regularly to ensure that the sealing is tight and easy to replace

5. In addition to paying attention to the vertical and horizontal directions, the sealing of doors and windows must also be paid attention to. Otherwise, there may be water seepage and ventilation of windows, and the service life of doors and windows may become shorter


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