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(carmellus, high-end villa outdoor building materials) the name of sunshine room is full of positive energy. Sunshine room can be built in the private garden on the first floor, the terrace of duplex building, the top floor of the building or private villa, and its building facade even includes the top, all of which are glass structures, so that you can create a warm living environment even in cold winter

sunshine room The design of is a practical design based on its function and practicality. People choose sunshine room to create a comfortable environment. The design of sunshine room should make full use of natural wind to achieve the purpose of air circulation and cooling. Therefore, careful and thoughtful design is required in selecting the location of the sunshine room and the way of opening the window sash. In order to improve the ventilation, heat insulation, noise reduction and other performance of the sunshine room, opening can be achieved in the following ways:

skylight system: open a skylight on the top of the sunshine room. The skylight can be equipped with a rain sensing and sun tracking system, which can automatically control the opening of the skylight according to the climatic conditions and indoor temperature

sunshade system: in order to minimize the heat entering the sunshine room in summer, a sunshade system can be installed on the top of the sunshine room

intelligent ventilation system: automatically adjust the temperature and humidity of the sunshine room by installing a ventilation system with constant temperature and humidity functions

when designing a functional sunshine room, we should consider all aspects of it. Some common functions such as ventilation, heat insulation and noise reduction can be realized through some designs and the selection of raw materials

sunshine room It is mainly close to the sun, which connects the indoor and outdoor space. Therefore, it should not only be naturally harmonious with the outdoor space, but also be consistent with the overall style of the room to achieve the role of transition. In addition to being a place for relaxation and rest, the sun room is also the best reception and leisure area





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