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Li Xuemei believes that space design should not only give people a sense of quiet and peace, but also show the continuous beauty of space in the use of spatial linkage, and it should be more humanized in the design of pattern

Li Xuemei

personal case of the chief designer of landscape decoration Group:

Baiyue mansion, Arc de Triomphe, Xishan Linyu, Bihu Yunxi, Baiyue Luzhou mansion, Vanke era light, Vienna Garden

design concept:

space design should not only have a sense of quiet and peace, but also have the linkage and continuous beauty of space

what is interior design? Interior design is the process of giving life to space. Li Xuemei believes that space design should not only give people a sense of quiet and peace, but also show the continuous beauty of space in the use of space linkage, and be more humanized in the design of pattern. No matter what kind of space role the space is made into, everything should be "reasonable" and zero symbol design in space details

case information:

project address | Hefei cuiweiyuan

project area | 175m2

design style | simple European light luxury

in this case, after communication with the owner, Li Xuemei learned that the house was decorated for the owner's daughter who had just graduated from university to work and live, and the owner preferred the European style of home furnishing, but did not want to be too luxurious. Therefore, Li Xuemei finally chose the simple European style to dress up the owner's new house, reducing the magnificent decoration and strong colors, and presenting a relaxed home space with fresh, fashionable and atmosphere

the whole living room is atmospheric and comfortable, with white as the main tone, adding Chinese elements, and using the background landscape to improve the space temperament. In order to create a sense of solemnity in the living room, the designer chose the silver gray series of sofas, which not only brought a sense of solemnity, but also brought a relaxed and casual interest. The single sofa of Hermes orange was very dazzling, and the colors collided so well that the whole living room was full of vitality

in the whole space, both the matching of colors and the modeling of furniture are based on modern simplicity and calmness, and occasionally jump off, creating a pressureless and relaxed space feeling. The living room uses chandeliers with unique shapes, and the background wall uses spotlights to highlight the simple and generous atmosphere

the restaurant is a place with dense activities at home. It skillfully shapes the hierarchical relationship of various regions and appropriately creates a quiet, comfortable and introverted living atmosphere

the narrow aisle has been transformed and designed, and the front section of the aisle is connected with the restaurant, becoming a part of the restaurant space; The setting of the middle section of the aisle ensures that the living room has two light sources, which becomes the link between the living room and the room; The rear section of the aisle is located in the washroom. Space and space are interlinked and integrated. The hanging pictures of the same color system at the end of the aisle echo with the restaurant, which not only makes the space have linkage, but also uses the space to continue the aesthetic feeling

fully open floor to ceiling windows and mirror wrapped columns expand the vision of the space. With the softness of silk curtains, the transition in tone and the softening of spatial tonality are realized. Matching carpets and cloth cushions is like the embellishment of comfort and luxury. Under the illumination of the spotlight at the head of the bed, it adds a little texture to the leisure life

in the view of designer Li Xuemei, if you want to create a space with rich content and linkage, so that residents can have feelings with the house, what the design pursues is not only the decoration of taste, but also a new feeling of life and emotional communication





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