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In the design of living room, TV cabinet is a furniture worthy of careful design. It plays an irreplaceable role in the living room, not only because of storage, but also because of its spatial integrity effect. So, what style is good for the TV cabinet in the living room? Next, Xiaobian has prepared some of the latest models of TV cabinets in the living room. Let's have a look

I. the latest low cabinet design of living room TV cabinet

low cabinet TV cabinet is a very classic style, especially in the house with slightly lower floor height, which is used most. This type of TV cabinet is generally used with flat-panel LCD TV, which will not have a sense of contradiction when matched; It also has good performance in practicality. The space occupied by the low cabinet is small, with high design flexibility and convenient movement. It is one of the first choices for the decoration design of the living room at present

II. The latest floor cabinet design of living room TV cabinet

there is not much difference between TV floor cabinet and low cabinet, but the floor cabinet is better in flexibility. The selection of the ground cabinet is based on the overall design, and generally follows the overall design. In terms of space occupation, the cabinet's small size can save a lot of space. The decoration layout is relatively flexible. It is a good choice for small family friends

III. The latest board frame design of living room TV cabinet

in the style of living room TV cabinet, the board frame design is very fashionable, with the inherent of combined design. The main structure is mainly made of plates, with more display functions. The panel design has certain requirements for the area of the TV background wall. In addition, the bearing capacity of the wall should also be taken into account, because the panel design is basically divided into several layers, and the bearing and fixation should be determined for safety

IV. the latest combined design of living room TV cabinet

combined TV cabinet can be said to be the most personalized TV cabinet design at present. Especially for the large family living room, the combined TV cabinet can make its living room decoration more upscale. Combined TV cabinet, as the name suggests, is spliced with other cabinets to achieve the effect of an integral TV cabinet. The classic one is the combination with hanging cabinet and bottom cabinet. Such a design. The appearance, storage and visual effect are all very good

v. the latest minimalist design of the TV cabinet in the living room

the TV cabinet with minimalist design will be slightly thin compared with the above styles. But it is another model of fashion and personality. That is minimalist decoration, to meet a small part of the function, to show the pursuit of design and personality. It is very suitable for the young generation of owners

article summary: the above is all about the latest living room TV cabinet and what kind of living room TV cabinet is not out of date. I wonder if you are satisfied with these TV cabinets in this article? If you want to know more about the style of TV cabinets, you must pay more attention to us




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