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there are so many decorative materials, why is only the integrated wall so popular in the home decoration market? Ode to joy 2 the wall of Andy's house is decorated with integrated walls. The Great Wall Station of the Antarctic exploration station is also decorated with integrated walls. More and more hotels, hospitals, KTVs, restaurants and other places are using integrated wall decoration. Traditional materials are less and less used. Today, let's decrypt the past and present lives of the integrated wall

the popularity of integrated wall decoration is because the product conforms to the current consumer's concept of environmental protection and meets the needs of the market. In 2010, everyone began to have environmental awareness in decoration. At that time, the products were mainly paint, putty powder, marble, wall clothing, etc. formaldehyde, benzene, heavy metals and other substances were easy to exceed the standard. Many owners who have just lived in the house after decoration and ventilation have various problems. The relationship between leukemia, cancer and decoration is gradually recognized by everyone. Consumers' demand for environmentally friendly panels is increasing day by day, and integrated wall decoration also came into being

there are more and more integrated wall materials. In addition to the well-known bamboo fiber board, aluminum manganese alloy plate, as well as polymer materials, these materials have common advantages: green environmental protection, convenient installation, different materials, but the essence of integrated wall decoration is the same

in recent years, consumers who have installed integrated walls have said that their feedback is good. The original choice is right. Only you have used it can you have a say in the product, and the words you say can have weight. The house decorated with integrated walls is not only fast, but also environmentally friendly. You can move in on the day it is installed. This is what consumers like. It takes three months to six months for traditional decoration and ventilation. Such a long time to wait is not in line with today's consumption concept

it is the existence of these needs that makes the integrated wall decoration more and more popular. If a product wants to be popular, it is not achieved overnight. The product itself is very important. With the product that the majority of consumers need, the mass base is stable, the quality of the product itself is guaranteed, and the later promotion reputation is automatically established

the above is the reason why integrated wall decoration is popular. The market determines the product, and good products determine word of mouth. Word of mouth affects the development of enterprises. This is a virtuous cycle. Consumers are not only buying integrated walls, but also buying health





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