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25、 Murder by sword

the owner Xie (male) and Zheng (female) have differences in the production or purchase of wardrobe, TV cabinet and shoe cabinet. Xie believes that the Carpenter (and oil painter) Qiu is cunning and good at talking, but his craftsmanship is general. The furniture originally planned to be made wants to be purchased, but Zheng believes that although the furniture purchased is guaranteed in the painting process, its size does not meet the actual requirements of the house, so it is better to invite someone to make it on site, Qiu lost no time in making use of Zheng's point of view: the paint used by the furniture factory is cheap and not environmentally friendly; The plate is covered with paint, so it is impossible to distinguish between good and bad; Furniture has many bumps in the process of transportation and handling, and the paint cannot be repaired; The style and size cannot be integrated with the decoration style and size of the house. In this way, Qiu skillfully borrowed the power of Zheng to force Xie to return to Qiu's plan

the owner loved laminate flooring, and all floors except kitchen and bathroom were planned to use laminate flooring. Plasterer Zhang repeatedly suggested that the living room and dining room should be paved with marble, which was not accepted by Fang. One day, Wang, a neighbor of Fang, came to the decoration site to visit the decoration plan. When Fang introduced that almost all other floors used laminate flooring, Wang said that the living room should be paved with marble to show high-grade. As soon as Zhang heard this, he immediately replied: "yes, in such a high-end house, the living room is covered with laminate floors, which looks too shabby. The unreasonable Wang casually said: it's still time to change now. Are you short of money?"? Fang, a strong man, was so excited that he immediately said that the budget of 15000 yuan would be increased, and the living room and dining room would be paved with marble

twenty six, refers to the three bedroom decoration project undertaken by the owner. Because Fang insisted on the good and cheap decoration scheme recommended by his relatives and friends. You is bent on changing his original intention to obtain excess profits. So he circuitously made up a story for Fang: a friend, who was greedy for cheap, used this kind of material configuration. Not only the color is rustic, but also due to the temperature difference between cold winter and warm summer, it soon began to deform. In the end, the construction had to be rebuilt. As a result, nearly 20000 yuan was spent on this item. Therefore, I still suggest that you would rather spend your money in front, and don't be cheap. Fang was deeply afraid of a similar situation, so he had to fulfill you's wish

XXVII. Fake crazy

carpenter/painter Huang undertook the woodwork and paint part of the project of the owner Chen. Due to the relatively simple function of the furniture designed by Mr. Chen himself, Mr. Huang didn't make it clear at first, and didn't put forward a correction plan to Mr. Chen until half of the construction. Chen hesitated because he was worried that increasing the workload halfway would encounter cost traps. Seeing this, the forthright Huang said that I think you and I are both happy people. The increased woodworking workload is not your money. Just make a friend with you and introduce me to a business in the future. Chen repeatedly thanked, and began to revise according to Huang's plan. Until the final settlement, although the increased carpentry part will not be paid, the paint part, even the paint with wages, will be nearly 4000 yuan more. At this time, Chen Fang knew whether Huang's generosity was false and the extortion was true. After a fierce debate, Chen still paid 3000 yuan to let the arrogant Huang and his hired workers leave Chen's house

In order to obtain the three bedroom decoration business of the owner Zhang covering an area of 120m2, Zhuang reached an oral agreement at the price of 50000 yuan for labor and materials. On the third day after the commencement, Zhuang received the subcontracting advance payment from Zhang. The next day, Zhuang threw out a contract for Zhang to sign. Zhang looked carefully and found that the material brands were produced by some small factories. Needless to say, the market reputation, Even the quality may be difficult to guarantee. Zhang proposed to change the material brand, and Zhuang asked for a corresponding increase in the decoration amount. Because Zhang had paid 10000 yuan in advance, he was only led by Zhuang and followed suit. By the time the house was decorated, Zhang's cost had been raised to as much as 120000




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