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Engel's new injection molding system is targeted at the automotive industry

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core tips: [China Packaging News] German Engel injection molding machine Co., Ltd. cooperates with the Austrian lightweight composite technology center, A dual

[China Packaging News] German Engel injection molding machine Co., Ltd. will install a two-component injection molding system in the Aachen lightweight integrated production center (AZL) of Aachen University in cooperation with the Austrian lightweight composite technology center. The installation of the new machine will be completed in 2019

the new equipment will be used in new research and development activities to explore more effective materials, which is the key to mass production of lightweight components. The research will focus on multi-material systems, continuous processes, process chains and self optimization processes. Engel injection molding system will help to develop an innovative combination of established fiber reinforced plastics (FRP) processes and new individual processes to improve resource efficiency in lightweight production

Dr. Michael emmontes, managing director of Aachen lightweight integrated production center (AZL), said: "this new injection molding system provides us with the opportunity to establish a hybrid process for industrial lightweight applications as an expert in lightweight production technology and in cooperation with injection molding experts of the plastic processing research institute. The system will expand our existing equipment in AZL technology center and will serve as an important platform for lightweight production research."

the doctor of Engel lightweight Composites Technology Center said: "AZL provides good conditions for industrial related research activities in the field of lightweight composites, because it has a strong interdisciplinary approach. It benefits from the great infrastructure and cooperation with well-known institutions of Aachen University. It is looking forward to cooperating with AZL to develop an efficient mass production process for lightweight composites."

azl Aachen Co., Ltd. has cooperated with the Institute of plastic processing and testing S-N curve engineering of Aachen University of technology. Since June 2017, Launch a joint market and technology research on high-performance SMC. The purpose of this research is to evaluate the application potential of the next generation SMC in the industry.

all companies in the whole SMC value chain, as well as companies willing to enter the SMC market, can be invited to join. SMC (sheet molding compound) has been proved to be one of the preferred solutions to replace metal as automobile parts for many years. The requirements of further weight reduction and significantly reducing CO2 emissions track the gauge line, prompting the market to put forward the demand for the next generation hp-smc

hp-smc is made of short and continuous fiber reinforced materials (including carbon fiber and glass fiber) and customized resin blends. It provides great potential for "producing high-performance components at a significantly lower cost than traditional continuous fiber reinforced components"

however, compared with other materials, the application of hp-smc depends on a large number of interdependencies between materials and processes, which brings both challenges and opportunities. Therefore, AZL's joint market and technology research on hp-smc aims to deepen the understanding of these interdependencies by providing "SMC application and technology solutions", so as to lay a foundation for the formulation of design criteria, targeted development and opening up new business opportunities

azl working group was established in 2016 and now has more than 60 participants, all of whom come from industry fields, including automobile companies such as Audi, BMW, Ford, Hyundai, man, Toyota and Volkswagen. This 12-month research project covers all participants in the whole value chain, allowing participants to benefit from the knowledge brought by all research partners and experts participating in the project

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