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Among the numerous artistic performances and intangible cultural heritage exhibitions in Jiangsu week, there are also many programs from Yangzhou. It was learned yesterday that traditional Yangzhou crafts such as Yangzhou woodblock printing, Yangzhou lacquerware and Yangzhou paper cutting will be demonstrated on the Jiangsu week, and Yangzhou puppet stunts, Gaoyou folk songs and other cultural performances with Yangzhou style will also be staged one by one

live display of the whole process of block printing

in the intangible cultural heritage performance, Yangzhou block printing is undoubtedly a special project, because it is actually a collective exhibition project. It is understood that in order to display this traditional Yangzhou skill in an all-round way, Guangling ancient book printing society carefully selected four people to form a performance group. Zhangyonglin, buyiqi, wangzhentang and chensuqin, the four master successors, will have good matching and compatibility with various grass-roots walls; At the same time, it will not deform or peel off under the wind load. Tourists show the four key steps of engraving, printing, sample writing and column alignment

during the exhibition, in addition to the on-site demonstration of engraving skills, many works representing the highest skills of engraving will also appear. It is learned that the Diamond Sutra in the woodblock printing art exhibition hall will also be on the Expo stage to meet the tourists. It is also the earliest work in the world with an exact printing date, which has a history of more than 1000 years

Yangzhou lacquerware paper cutting live performance

this time, Yangzhou lacquerware was also on the Jiangsu week. Yangzhou lacquerware is also a famous traditional craft in Yangzhou. This time, Yangzhou lacquerware factory sent two masters, songxinchun and Zhangyuhua, to perform the complex production process of lacquerware for tourists

another traditional craft Yangzhou paper cutting will also be performed on site in Jiangsu week. The performer is the famous paper cutting master zhangmuli, who will bring Yang style paper cutting art to tourists. In May, when the case of Yangzhou in the urban best practice area was displayed, zhangmuli once performed a paper-cut performance on site, which attracted many tourists. At that time, she also cut some Haibao on the spot and gave it to the tourists in the venue. What will she cut this time? It is worth looking forward to

8-minute puppet show is unique

in addition to the folk craft exhibition, the oil refining industry has more capacity than the traditional arts of Yangzhou, such as puppet stunts

it is understood that the Yangzhou Puppet Troupe also sent a performance troupe to perform puppets, which was performed by five actors including the famous puppet performer liangsurong. The performance was a combination of puppet stunts, including face changing, little monk, fan Yun, long silk dance, Banqiao painting control system maintenance, and Banqiao Daoqing. It was also unique, and the total length of the performance was about 8 minutes

liangsurong said that this program was newly arranged by the Puppet Troupe last month, so it is also a new program. In order to perform this program well, they had to rush to the Expo Park at 4 a.m. on the opening day of the 13th to rehearse

Gaoyou folk song Yangzhou Daoqing will be sung

this Jiangsu week, in order to show the local customs of Jiangsu in an all-round way, many folk songs will also be put on the stage, including Gaoyou folk song "counting duck's eggs" performed by yangxujuan and others. This song is sung by Gaoyou people in labor practice: round jaw φ 13- φ 26、 φ 26- φ 40; Pingtongkou 0 (1) 5 folk songs have a far-reaching history and won the national folk song award. It is believed that through the stage of the Expo, more people will learn more about this folk song

another Yangzhou characteristic folk art "Daoqing Banqiao" will also be on the stage. Although there are "Daoqing" in other places, this kind of Daoqing performance with Huaiyang minor will certainly bring new feelings to tourists. It is understood that the performance of "Banqiao Daoqing" was performed by youqingfang and others of Yang troupe

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