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Engineer Liu Gong: those days in Antarctica were painful and happy

engineer Liu Gong: those days in Antarctica were painful and happy

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from the arrival of the snow dragon at Antarctica, the members of the Antarctic scientific research team began to perform "crazy unloading" day and night. After all, the real life in Antarctica will begin. Due to the special environment in Antarctica, there are many restrictions on the work of Liugong service engineer. Then, what are we doing when there is no work? Now, let's walk into the unique entertainment life full of Antarctic color

On February 5, China's 31st Antarctic scientific research team, which was conducting summer scientific research at Zhongshan station, celebrated the "beginning of spring" with the Chinese people in a unique rowing competition with fast and slow speeds. Members of the 31st Chinese Antarctic scientific research team rowed in the "Mochou Lake" near the Zhongshan Station in Antarctica. On that day, Antarctica was the warmest season from November to February of the next year. The snow and ice in mountains and lakes melted, showing a lot of vitality

welcome party

"welcome party" is something almost every member of the Antarctic scientific research team has experienced. When they first set foot on the south pole, they were welcomed as "newcomers"; Before they set foot on their return journey, they welcomed another group of new people as "masters". At this time, everyone began to show their magic skills

walking in a sunny day

"Liugong's first person in the South Pole" Yan Wei described the South Pole in his log - the wind pole, the cold pole and the snow pole. "In the Antarctic winter, the force 5 and force 6 winds are very normal. Sometimes when you are in a bad mood, there will be a force 10 wind. At this time, you will feel the earth shaking when you sleep in bed." Therefore, there are not many sunny days. In case of good weather, we invited the team members to stroll on the sea ice in twos and threes to enjoy the natural ice sculptures, and bathe in the warm sunshine to help the body absorb calcium, which has also become a rare leisure entertainment for the team members

on sunny days, in addition to walking around, basking in the sun and enjoying the beautiful scenery, the team members can also go fishing on the sea ice! When the weather is good and you are lucky, you can cut through the ice hole to see the shallow fish swimming in the water. There is a kind of white fish, which the team members call white fish. It's very interesting to catch this kind of fish. When you put down the hook, you can see the fish take the hook, and then you can pull it up. You can often catch two fish at a time, and at most three or four fish can be pulled down at a time. In fact, the team members have a unified name for the Antarctic fish - "stupid fish". Because, when fishing, as long as the hook is placed near their mouth, they will take the bait. Sometimes, when the team members pull the fish out of the water and then fall into the water, and then put the hook on its mouth to provide a choice of different impact performance, weather resistance and scratch resistance, it will be hooked up

Zhongshan station holds a painting exhibition

don't think that the entertainment life of the team members is just eating, drinking and having fun. On february26,2010, the 26th Chinese Antarctic exploration team hosted an exhibition of "the motherland is always in the heart" at Zhongshan station, Antarctica. The exhibition coincided with the 21st anniversary of the establishment of China's Antarctic Zhongshan station. Representatives of the Russian Antarctic progress station, Japan's 51st Antarctic exploration team and Australia's Davis Station were invited to visit the exhibition. Yan Wei was in the Antarctic at that time. He described the grand occasion as "a gathering of heroes and a meeting by plane". "The main means of transportation in Antarctica is airplanes, which are convenient and fast to come and go. The communication between stations depends on taking helicopters. We usually call airplanes' flying '. On that day, due to the frequent take-off and landing of airplanes due to the pick-up and drop-off of personnel, the station area is like a small aviation exhibition, where you can watch the aviation show at a close distance. There are k32, S76, little squirrels, etc. there are five airplanes on the station. It is really a gathering of heroes A meeting by plane. " Yan Wei described this in the diary of the day. Next to the sign "Zhongshan stone" of Zhongshan Station in Antarctica, there is a slightly shabby dark red building, which is a "scenic spot" that every new member of the station must go to. This is the first generation "living building" of Zhongshan station. From 198, experts from more enterprises were invited to give speeches! From September to 2011, a total of 22 groups of Chinese Antarctic scientific research team members worked and lived here. In 2003, the second generation steel structure dormitory building of Zhongshan station was opened. Most of the scientific research team members said goodbye to the crowded and cramped old dormitory and moved into a spacious and bright "new home"; In 2011, the new comprehensive building of Zhongshan station designed by the professional design institute was put into use, with multi-functional meeting rooms, clinics, canteens, gymnasiums and other venues available; In 2013, the new generation of wintering dormitories were officially opened. The warm green plants, wireless networks, gyms and coffee corners made the scientific research team members in Antarctica "zero distance" from modern civilization. After work, a variety of cultural and recreational activities, such as billiards, table tennis, badminton, photography and karaoke, enable the scientific research team members to spend a long and lonely winter happily

however, for the team members, the most worrying thing about the day when they leave home is the big and small things at home. Missing is the most untouchable softness in my heart. How do our most respected and beloved Liugong service engineers solve the pain of Acacia

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