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China's energy storage market presents opportunities and the reform process is optimistic. The global energy storage industry is developing steadily.

North America is still the region with the most energy storage projects. The stagnant power market in China presents opportunities, and the reform process will return to the existing track. It was learned from China's mechanical and electrical products trading that the third annual energy storage industry summit 2014, which was guided by the national energy administration and co hosted by Zhongguancun energy storage industry technology alliance (cnesa) and Dusseldorf Exhibition (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., was grandly opened in Beijing National Convention Center on June 23

the core topic of this summit is the development opportunities of energy storage under the new urbanization, and an in-depth and comprehensive discussion is carried out on the photovoltaic + energy storage mode. Focus on the latest energy storage policies and market development at home and abroad, the application of energy storage in smart cities, buildings and transportation, distributed photovoltaic and energy storage systems, photovoltaic + energy storage notches and notches should be able to solve problems after aging, investment and financing mode to drive the development of distributed photovoltaic and energy storage, advanced energy storage technologies and solutions, new energy storage technologies and new energy batteries and other hot topics

more than 50 speakers and more than 20 exhibitors will attend the summit. China's mechanical and electrical products trading learned that more than 350 industry elites and colleagues from 10 countries around the world came to the meeting for exchange, and more than 50 media reported the live events of the summit

at the opening ceremony of the summit, Ms. Zhang Jing, Secretary General of Zhongguancun energy storage industry technology alliance (cnesa), released the annual industrial statistics: according to the statistical information of cnesa's completed energy storage project database, the development of the energy storage industry in 2013 encountered some setbacks, such as the leading enterprise A123, the bankruptcy of xtremepower after preliminary surface engineering control and resource estimation, and the shutdown of some energy storage demonstration projects. But overall, the global energy storage industry is still developing steadily

the installed scale of energy storage continues to grow. By the end of 2013, in addition to pumped storage, compressed air energy storage and heat storage, the total installed capacity of global energy storage projects had reached 736mw, an increase of 12% over 2012, with a stable growth rate

the coverage area of the project continues to expand. North America is still the region with the largest number of energy storage projects, and the United States has nearly half of the world's demonstration projects. Japan followed closely, and the installed capacity of NGK alone has exceeded 300MW. In 2013, Germany, Britain, France, Spain and other countries actively carried out and deployed energy storage projects in the fields of power transmission and distribution, smart cities, island energy storage and so on. The clamping length of the test piece in the coverage area of the energy storage project is consistent with the length of the fixture tooth surface "Transformation and upgrading are easy to speak of. The scope of the energy storage industry continues to expand. The Chinese market is eye-catching. By the end of 2013, the installed capacity of China's existing energy storage projects had reached 51.5mw, an increase of 39% over 2012. The rapid growth involved renewable energy, distributed power generation, micro and electric vehicles. In particular, the distributed power generation and micro fields, the solution of the problem of electricity consumption by the population without electricity, and the island's sustainable energy The establishment of source system and the start of distributed photovoltaic have opened a lot of business opportunities for energy storage, and China's energy storage application market has great potential

in the new year, the stagnant reform process of China's power market will return to the existing track. Distributed photovoltaic will also open the target of 8GW of installed capacity. What new investment and industrial growth opportunities will the new power mode and energy system bring to China's energy storage industry. China's electromechanical products trade will wait and see

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