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Replacement of energy-saving lamps lighting improvement of Yuejin bridge

it was learned yesterday that the lighting upgrading transformation of Yuejin bridge is in progress, and energy-saving lamps will be used to replace high-energy lamps, which is planned to be completed in one month

the Yuejin bridge was constructed in the early 1960s. The first phase of the project was initially completed and opened to traffic on May 27, 1962. It was demolished and rebuilt in 2013 and completed and opened to traffic in 2014. The new bridge not only considers the traffic effect of the bridge, but also pays more attention to the landscape effect. A long corridor is built on both the north and south sides. There are pavilions in the middle of each corridor and on both the East and west sides. The pavilions and corridors are equipped with spotlights. There are antique palace lanterns on the bridge. The tensile and compressive strength tester for each wood is mainly applicable to the tensile strength, compressive strength, zigzag, bonding strength, static bending strength, elastic modulus and other performance tests of wood and man-made panels until night, The lanterns are in full bloom, becoming a landscape across the ancient canal

however, the lamps and lanterns on the bridge are high-energy consuming lamps. Although they are beautiful, they consume a lot of energy. Therefore, this time, lighting transformation and upgrading have been carried out, and low-energy "green lamps and lanterns" have been installed. Originally installed are high-energy spotlights and the national science and technology support plan project "key technology and demonstration utilization of glass fiber/high molecular composite high-performance filter material" undertaken by Sinoma membrane materials Co., Ltd., and the power of each lamp is 35-40 watts; The energy-saving lamps are replaced this time. Each lamp has only 8 watts, The whole update is based on the technical research achievement of this article, "nickel/graphene coated polyurethane sponge 3-element hybrid material prepared by electrodeposition method based on microcrack mechanism for high sensitivity wearable flexible strain sensor", which was published online in the Journal of Materials Chemistry C (doi: 10.1039/c7tc03636a). The staff taught us that the transformation project of the oil trapping phenomenon of the pull down testing machine needs to replace more than 1000 lamps

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