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In today's fierce market competition, taking the road of brand is the only way. What is the brand road? Yalijia kitchen cabinet discusses with you from the later service of the product:

in yalijia kitchen cabinet, brand service has always been treated as a top priority. The service system of the product not only interprets the potential value of the brand, but also is a powerful means to shape the brand reputation. In the future, brand competition will shift from positive product functionality, price, brand awareness and other aspects to brand services behind the brand, which is a must for all brands in the future and a broad sustainable profit space! Therefore, yalijia kitchen cabinet has made a professional decomposition of the late maintenance of the brand and launched a series of services

from product measurement and design, production, distribution, installation, maintenance, etc., five steps in one. Subdivide the whole later service process to be more professional and focused

yalijia kitchen cabinet adopts one-to-one measurement design. From measurement to design, only one designer should follow up the service, so as to avoid the poor connection problem of changing the design

the complete set of German automatic production line makes each drill hole smooth and in place, completely reaching "zero" error, making the whole set of products more perfect

the fast delivery system eliminates your trouble of shopping and transportation

professional installation makes you more worry free. The installation team of yalijia adopts regular training and learning to solve some problems in installation in a timely and scientific manner

maintenance. In the view of Yali kitchen cabinet, every door-to-door maintenance is a brand promotion opportunity, so our maintenance is not only for products, but also for the brand of Yali family





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