Chinese style decoration is not luxury. Chinese el

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The choice of Chinese decoration style is often the most difficult. If you are careless, you will miss the best, which will not only regret, but also bring yourself a lot of trouble. The well-known decoration designer said that Chinese decoration is not a trifle, and the decoration cost of hard and soft decoration is not a small amount. How should decorators choose not to be difficult

comfortable bedroom scale requires extremely open design, integrating the study and bedroom into a whole, creating a larger living space and giving full play to the smell of books. The Chinese style materials are impressive. The white wall is simple and lively, which echoes the overall tone of the interior and is elegant and noble. In addition, the south facing leisure balcony of the living room is matched with elegant scenery on a large scale to decorate the good mood of every day

in the hardbound system of Shidai Shangcheng, Chinese style decoration design is positioned as the top priority. From the entrance storage system, you can see the intention and detail of the design. The designer skillfully meets the overall spatial layout through various forms of frames and lattices

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