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Shengshi manor is fully aware that the log price changes with the fluctuation of the market, so it prevents the impact of the log market price through massive log inventory

Shengshi manor is a brand that focuses on the development of whole wood home decoration. It is an enterprise that independently designs, develops, and specializes in the production and sale of all kinds of high-end raw wood doors, solid wood doors, and whole wood home decoration. Therefore, sufficient log materials may be a strong guarantee for the operation of Shengshi manor

Shengshi manor has sufficient log inventory, which can ensure the control of raw materials from production to processing, and also ensure the production capacity of Shengshi manor. Shengshi manor is fully aware that log prices change with market fluctuations, so it can prevent the impact of log market prices through massive log inventory

sufficient log storage in Shengshi manor

log resources are increasingly scarce

logs are valued in nature. Their active fiber cells full of life breath enable people to communicate closely with nature. The life surrounded by logs is implicit. Everything is never publicized, just comfortable, making everything more natural and more vibrant. However, the log grows slowly, and its cycle is as long as a hundred years. The wood native to China was cut down as early as the Ming and Qing Dynasties. Today's wood is mostly imported from Africa, Southeast Asia and other places. The growth rate of logs lags far behind its consumption rate, resulting in increasingly scarce log resources

rare wood species are protected

in order to better protect rare and precious trees, China joined the Convention on international trade in endangered species of Wild Fauna and flora as early as 1988. Now the Convention has been continuously improved, and the import and export of log species in Southeast Asia have been restricted. In particular, the cutting of rare wood species needs to be reviewed at all levels. The protection of rare wood species makes the already scarce log resources more tense. Wood processing and production enterprises have seized the oasis in the desert. Shengshi manor prospectively predicts that the competition for log resources will become increasingly fierce, and has made log reserves

massive logs deal with the impact

"rare things are more expensive". Under the market regulation mechanism, log prices have increased year by year. Enterprises without sufficient log reserves have fallen into the quagmire of price war. Shengshi manor has a timber storage yard of 50000 square meters and a large amount of imported logs. Rosewood, walnut, Shabili, cherry wood, red oak... And so on. Fine management and the use of numerical control equipment ensure the same quality of logs during storage. Is the production of 100% pure raw wood doors Wanshida? Shengshi manor's commitment to consumers. Stable price is the contribution of Shengshi manor to the market

the processing and production of raw solid wood requires mature technology. Shengshi manor has 17 years of experience in raw solid wood processing and production, and its technical strength is beyond doubt. The basis of technical support is wood storage. With the spirit of a large enterprise, Shengshi manor purchases high-grade imported logs and assumes the corporate responsibility of the smooth transition of market prices. The sustainable development of log household market guarantees the sustainable development of log production and processing enterprises. As the representative of log production and processing enterprises, Shengshi manor has developed healthily with the log home market

Shengshi manor can not only ensure its own log reserves, but also always adhere to the development concept of developing environmentally friendly wooden doors and guiding green consumption. Imported precious wood species and the world's more advanced medium and low temperature dehumidification and drying and spray humidity control process have been adopted, with long drying cycle and significant internal stress elimination. It is also the first manufacturer of 100% pure raw wood doors in the country




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