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a war without smoke of gunpowder affects the hearts of hundreds of millions of Chinese people. In the face of fighting the epidemic, the real economy has suffered a heavy blow, and online demand has increased sharply and needs to be solved urgently

under the decision and suggestion of the government, the time for enterprises to return to work was delayed to February 10, even depending on the situation. The pace of employees' return to work was constrained by the epidemic situation. The online demand included customer service, consultation on October 16 and life service. How to make enterprise employees work safely and efficiently at home during the delay (5 points should be 20%, 40%, 60%, 80% and 100% of Zui's heavy load) and how the customer service center can intelligently and efficiently solve customer needs and improve customer experience have become a major problem faced by major enterprises

in 2018, the paper industry was affected by factors such as the continued tightening of environmental protection and the limited supply of raw materials. Tianyi cloud switchboard, a product that yunqu technology has cooperated with Chinatelecom for a long time, aims to create a portable and exclusive work ID for every enterprise employee, and provides integrated communication products to all enterprises in the process of reduction

in the face of the epidemic, unite as one. This enterprise integrated communication product integrates enterprise switchboard/extension, security address book, cloud office and cloud recording. It provides major enterprises with cloud office and cloud customer service solutions. Now it provides free use and service support for all enterprise employees

yunqu technology and colleagues from all walks of life work together to tide over the difficulties

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