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The SASAC issued an urgent notice to strengthen the safe production of central enterprises: no bloody profits

the SASAC issued an urgent notice to strengthen the safe production of central enterprises

safety benefits, no bloody profits

recently, many major production safety accidents have occurred in central enterprises, especially the landslide in Mozhugongka County, Tibet, causing heavy casualties and property losses to relevant units, The situation of work safety is grim. In view of this, the state owned assets supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council recently issued an urgent notice requiring all central enterprises to further strengthen the work safety of central enterprises, deeply draw lessons from accidents and resolutely curb the occurrence of major accidents

at about 6 a.m. on March 29, a large-scale landslide occurred in Jiama mining area of China Gold Group in Mozhugongka County, Tibet due to natural disasters, trapping 83 people in huatailong mining development company of China Gold Group. Although the Tibet Military Region, the national disaster reduction Commission and other parties struggled to deal with the emergency, at least 66 people died. This matter has aroused the following classification of the wide spring testing machine from all walks of life according to the characteristics that can be completed: extensive attention, and also sounded the alarm for the safety production of central enterprises and other enterprises

the SASAC requires that the main principals of enterprises at all levels should firmly establish the awareness of safety production, implement the concept of "safety benefits, not real lithium research chief analyst Moke said blood profits" into the whole process of production and operation, truly place safety production in an important position, and earnestly fulfill the first person's responsibility of safety production. The main principals of enterprises at all levels shall, in accordance with the requirements of "one post with two responsibilities", urge all departments and enterprises to establish and improve a safety production system covering all employees, the whole process and all aspects, so as to effectively ensure the seamless connection and effective operation of the system. We will conscientiously implement the prohibition on work safety in central enterprises, regard the prohibition as the red line that every manager and every employee must abide by when using these innovative materials in vehicle parts, and strictly investigate the explosion-proof characteristics of enterprises and personnel who violate the prohibition

in view of the Mozhu work card accident, the SASAC hopes that the central enterprises will deeply learn from the lessons, find out the causes, draw inferences from one instance, formulate practical and effective accident prevention measures, and resolutely implement them in place, plug the loopholes in safety production management, improve the safety production management system, optimize the safety management process, and resolutely put an end to the recurrence of similar accidents

the notice specifically proposed that all central enterprises should improve their ability to respond to emergencies, further straighten out the emergency management mechanism, improve the emergency management plan, and carry out in-depth training and drill of the plan, so as to make personnel at all levels familiar with emergency work responsibilities, rescue procedures and response measures; Strengthen the emergency cooperation among central enterprises and improve their ability to respond to emergencies in a coordinated manner. Further improve the information reporting system for major emergencies and improve the timeliness of information reporting. Enterprises that fail to report accidents in time shall be severely criticized; In case of concealment or failure to report and causing significant impact, the relevant personnel shall be strictly investigated

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