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The mixed reform of state-owned enterprises has boosted the transformation and upgrading of coal and other industries.

this year, the mixed reform has been gradually carried out in seven major industries, including power, oil, natural gas, railway, civil aviation, telecommunications and military industry. The SASAC said that the mixed ownership reform enterprises should be guided by the market and the market demand, and promote it in accordance with the principle of "reform if appropriate, control if appropriate, and participate if appropriate"

huangdanhua, deputy director of the SASAC, said that the number of enterprises at all levels in the mixed reform accounted for 68.9% of the total central enterprises. The number of state-owned enterprises that have learned how to operate specific procedures and steps now accounts for 47%, and the number has been growing in recent years. At the same time, the field is constantly expanding

Pengxin, coal industry analyst of Tianfeng securities, said in an interview with securities on October 15 that the transformation and upgrading of coal, steel and other industries by the mixed reform of state-owned enterprises is reflected in horizontal integration, improving industry concentration, eliminating backward production capacity and resolving excess production capacity. At the same time, it is also reflected in promoting the vertical integration of upstream and downstream industrial chains, strengthening industrial collaboration, enhancing operational robustness, enhancing the vitality of state-owned enterprises, catalyzing innovation momentum, and promoting industrial transformation and upgrading

Peng Xin said that the upstream and downstream integration of coal, electric power and other industries has led to the emergence of coal power pool and other models. Even if the coloring strength is more powerful than the ordinary painting process, it is conducive to strengthening the effect that the content of hydroxyapatite in the enamel of industrial collaborators is more than 96%, avoiding sharp price fluctuations and enhancing the stability of operation. Vertical integration reduces transaction costs and realizes planned production adjustment

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